The Uber of Virtual Events in time for the holidays.

Look, this is a crazy time in history. Never have we been faced with such challenges. The city is on the verge of a complete shut down at the worst possible time. Many of you depend on holiday events and those are quite possibly, not going to happen. I saw this coming from day one and started building the GoLive Plugin which I thought would only take a few weeks but will actually be released in the coming weeks (8 months of coding!)

So, what’s this Virtual Odd Market all about?

There are 2 phases. We are having an entire campus built. It’s really a virtual island. That will take up to 2 months. In the meantime, I have secured a Team Suite on VirBELA. We have room for up to 30 Sellers each week. Each Seller has their own “showroom” complete with 2 Video boards, branding, and the ability to live stream and sell items via their own e-commerce shop or through the Odd Market shop. No commissions. No hidden fees.

Best of all, these showrooms will be open 24/7. You can work as much or as little as you please. Think of it as the Uber of the Events.

We will operate with the Team Suites until our Odd Market Campus is completed.

Space is limited. I invite you to download the VirBELA software today. Create an Avatar. Then meet me online for a virtual tour. Details are available here:

Once you are set up, you can invite your customers to your Showroom. We will be promoting non-stop on social media and through our newsletter.

The Cost: $75 per week. One week 24/7 access. You decide when to open and close. People can still visit your booth and purchase your items even when you are not in your showroom!

Download the software, create your Avatar, and meet me in the open campus for a tour. You will not believe how simple and fun this is.

See you online!


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