The owners of Odd Market, which includes Los Feliz Flea and Odd Nights at The Autry, are Phillip and Shelly Dane. They are a husband-and-wife team who have been in the event planning industry for over three decades.
Phillip and Shelly have a passion for curating unique and eclectic events that bring together artists, makers, and the community. They started their career in event planning in 1991 by producing trade shows and exhibitions for the fashion and entertainment industries. In 2014, they launched Odd Market, which quickly gained a reputation for being a premier destination for artisanal goods, vintage finds, and local food and drink.
In addition to Los Feliz Flea and Odd Nights at The Autry, Odd Market has also produced events at other iconic locations throughout Los Angeles, such as Union Station and Dodger Stadium. Phillip and Shelly are committed to supporting local businesses and creating a space where artists and makers can showcase their talents and connect with customers.
Overall, Phillip and Shelly Dane are creative entrepreneurs who have built a successful business by staying true to their passion for creating unique and engaging events that bring together the community.

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