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The Sellers

Since 1991, we have been creating events that support and honor local makers, crafters, and designers. All Odd Market shows are curated in an effort to maintain an environment that shows off the best of what Los Angeles has to offer.


Odd Markets always have a food element. Whether its gourmet food trucks or hand crafted small batch per packaged treats, we love food.


From showcasing local bands to masterful DJ’s, Odd Markets are always full of energy! To get a taste of the music, visit the event pages as we have videos of the bands that we book.

The REAL Bark joins Odd Nights!

WE ARE RESCUERS, REHABILITATORS, STORY-TELLERS, AND FAMILY-GROWERS. We pride ourselves in taking discarded Lives into our own – Healing them – and righting the wrongs heaped upon those innocents. We are Humans. We are flawed. And that is why we rely on each other. We...
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Join Bistro Planet and Odd Market for ‘Odd Nights at the Autry’

What do you get when you mix local Los Angeles businesses to buy from, a line of gourmet food trucks, live music, a top rated museum, cocktails, a rock climbing wall, fresh air, and a night under the stars on the top of a mountain? You get one of the coolest events in...
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Watch classic sci-fi flicks at Union Station this spring

Union Station is a beautiful and dramatic backdrop for watching a film, but we’re used to seeing things in the vein of old Hollywood classics in that setting. This season, though, they’re changing the script for a series they’re calling Sci-Fi at Union Station,...
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Every vegan delight under the sun will be at Eat Drink Vegan

Eat Drink Vegan is returning to the Rose Bowl on May 27 for a celebration of all things delicious and animal-friendly. The region’s best plant-based chefs and restaurants will gather alongside craft breweries, local winemakers, and soda, cider and kombucha makers to...
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Our first commercial starts this week!

They finally got me. Spectrum has been after me to produce a 30-second spot for some time. I gave in and decided to try it out. On Tuesday, my first commercial will start running on Oxygen, HGTV, TBS, TNT & ID. 117 spots over 10 days. See if you can catch one....
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Everything you need to know about the Museum of Ice Cream coming to L.A.

If you've ever wanted to do the backstroke in a pool of sprinkles—à la a more sugary Scrooge McDuck—then prepare your sweet tooth for the Museum of Ice Cream.The Museum of Ice Cream, which first popped up in New York last year, will make its way to Los Angeles this...
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New Venue! Central Park Glendale every 2nd Saturday

We are very excited to have penned a deal with Glendale's Central Park located on Colorado and Brand across from the Americana.  What's not to love about this beautiful, charming little park on one of the busiest streets. Think of it as a mini Autry. We will kick this...
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Take a step back to the Jazz Age at this weekend’s Roaring Twenties Street Jam

There is a lot to like about how we remember the 1920s. Aside from that pesky Prohibition situation, the style was great, the jazz was hot and America was going through major change. This weekend, you'll get a chance to step back to the era of Fitzgerald and Ellington...
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A giant pillow fight will take over Pershing Square this weekend

A massive pillow fight free-for-all is taking place in Downtown's Pershing Square this weekend, should you feel a need to whack a bunch of strangers with a soft, fluffy object. And who among us hasn’t felt that particular impulse, really? International Pillow Fight...
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The ’floating noodles’ craze has finally arrived in L.A.

We are no strangers to some kooky foods, but the newest food gimmick hitting the scene might be one of the weirdest things we’ve seen yet. “Floating noodles,” a sensation that swept social media across Asia, is finally arriving on American shores for the first time,...
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