The Day has Arrived to say Goodbye to Marshall High but we ARE Open Today!

Dear Friends and Flea Family,

As the rain gently falls on Marshall High School today, we bid a bittersweet farewell to a place that has been our home for the past three years. Los Feliz Flea’s final day here is filled with reflection, gratitude, and anticipation for the future.

A Rainy Yet Resilient Goodbye Despite the rain, we are open from 10-4 today, embodying the spirit of resilience and community that has defined Los Feliz Flea. The rain won’t stop us from celebrating the end of an incredible run at Marshall HS, and we invite you to join us one last time for a day of treasure hunting and warm farewells.

Gratitude for the Years of Support We extend our deepest thanks to each and every one of you who have supported us over the years. Your enthusiasm, patronage, and love have turned the flea market into a vibrant community gathering, filled with laughter, discovery, and cherished memories.

The Next Chapter: Vintage Land As one chapter ends, another begins. We are thrilled to announce that starting January 6th and 7th, Los Feliz Flea will be making its new home at Vintage Land. This move marks the start of an exciting new chapter, and we promise to continue the tradition of unique finds, lively atmosphere, and community spirit that you’ve come to love.

A Happy New Year and Warm Wishes As we make this transition, Shelly and I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. May the coming year bring joy, prosperity, and countless new adventures. We hope to see all your familiar faces at Vintage Land, where we will continue to create and share wonderful moments together.

Thank you once again for being part of our journey. Here’s to new beginnings and continued friendships at Vintage Land!

Warm regards,

Phillip & Shelly Dane

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