Important Vendor Updates for this weekend.


Vendor Update!

  1. Load-in times: Food Booths, Trailers, and Booths 1-80 should arrive between 7:30-8:30. Booths 81 – 165 should arrive between 8:30- 9:30. This will help with community traffic. Remember to start the line on Bartlett at the Roll Up near the corner.  ALL vehicles must stay close to the curb so as not to impede traffic and NOT block any of the driveways! Do Not line up in the middle of the street to allow cars to drive past. This is very important to the community. All vehicles must be off the rooftop by 9:40.
  2. Vendor Parking is Prohibited on the 2nd floor. If you park there, you risk having your account deactivated. Please park in the vendor lot or on the street. If parking in the vendor lot, DO NOT get back in the load in line. Drive around and directly into the Vendor Parking Roll Up on Fig Terrace.
  3. If you are bringing your dog DO NOT allow your dog to relieve themselves on the vendor grass! It will ruin it, and we will have to remove it all. We will be checking each evening for urine. The grass was extremely costly, and we love it, as I think you do as well. We want your vendor areas to look and smell good. We have a designated dog area with special grass over by the portable toilets for your dogs. We have poop bags as well. Please be mindful as this vendor grass is also used for the upcoming Rooftop Cinema Series, and no one wants to sit it grass with urine or poop on it.




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