Cool Off with our New Rooftop Misting Station

New Rooftop Misting Station At Vintage Land

Cool Off with Our New Rooftop Misting Station

As summer heats up, we’re excited to introduce a refreshing way to beat the heat at Vintage Land. Our new rooftop misting station is now open, offering a cool and invigorating escape from the soaring temperatures. Here’s why you should check it out during your next visit to Los Feliz Flea.

A Refreshing Oasis

Nestled on the rooftop of Vintage Land, our misting station provides a much-needed respite from the sun. Whether you’re shopping for vintage treasures at the Los Feliz Flea or attending one of our exciting events, the misting station is the perfect spot to take a break and cool down.

Perfect for Shoppers

Los Feliz Flea is renowned for its diverse selection of vendors, offering everything from vintage clothing and handmade crafts to unique antiques and collectibles. Spending hours exploring the market can be tiring, especially on hot days. The misting station is conveniently located to give shoppers a refreshing pause, so you can recharge and continue your treasure hunt in comfort.

Enhance Your Event Experience

Vintage Land is not just a market; it’s a dynamic event space hosting a variety of gatherings, from corporate events and private parties to photo shoots and more. The new misting station adds an extra layer of comfort for guests, ensuring that everyone stays cool and comfortable while enjoying the event. It’s an ideal addition for summer events, creating a pleasant environment for networking, socializing, and celebration.

Convenient and Accessible

We designed the misting station with convenience in mind. It’s easy to find and accessible to all visitors. Whether you’re heading to the rooftop for a view of the market or stopping by the Info Bar to purchase a Los Feliz Flea Canvas bag or Booties for your Fido, the misting station is right there to provide a quick cool down.

Visit Us This Weekend

Make sure to visit Vintage Land this weekend and experience our new rooftop misting station for yourself. It’s just one of the many ways we strive to enhance your visit and make your time with us enjoyable. Whether you’re a regular at Los Feliz Flea or a first-time visitor, we’re sure you’ll love this refreshing addition.

Stay cool, stay comfortable, and enjoy all that Vintage Land has to offer. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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