Are you prepared for a shutdown?

I have been posting and inviting all Sellers to get on with the Virtual Odd Market and have even taken the rates down to only $12.50 per event yet the number of reservations is insanely low. Please don’t wait until the last minute. I’m inviting you again to get on board.

Here’s the latest from the Governor on the potential for a shut down in the coming weeks IF things do not improve:

If cases reach 4,500 per day or hospitalizations top 2,000, the county will impose a three-week lockdown that will restrict people to their homes for all but essential services. A nighttime curfew for all but essential workers would run from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

“Los Angeles County is at a critical moment to save lives and curb the spread of COVID-19,” said Barbara Ferrer, director of public health. “Lives and livelihoods are at stake and our entire community will be affected by our collective action if we do the right thing.”


Take a look at the benefits of a Virtual Odd Market. 

You can now sell your products through your existing e-commerce store or you can sell through the Odd Market Shop. It’s your call.
No fees nor commissions other than the booth fee.

Simple 3D Entrance makes it super easy for Attendees to navigate the Odd Market.

You can see the attendees in real-time! Build your contact lists. Follow up and create a following.

The Holidays are upon us and online shopping will see record highs. We want you to win this season. We can’t move forward with the
FLOOR platform which powers the Virtual Odd Market without you, the Seller.
The platform is very expensive and I have lowered the fees to only $12.50 per event.
$50 gets you 4 events! That’s only $12.50 per event!

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