We’re Live every Friday at 7PM with a different featured Maker

This week we ran through a couple of fun tests of the new Streaming Series, Meet The Makers and we had a blast. Mario and Jeann of the super awesome line, Blooming Amethyst were gracious enough to be our “subjects” for these two test runs and we are now ready to go LIVE! Join us this Friday, Aug 14th at 7 PM we will be kicking off the long-anticipated, Meet the Makers series. This time we are doing it for real. Not only are we very excited to interview so many wonderful, hard-working, and truly dedicated Makers, but we are also going to give away awesome swag each week. 

I’m interviewing Jeann and Mario of Blooming Amethyst.

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At the end of the show, you could win one of these:

Coffee Eye Serum, 1oz Beard Oil, 2oz Floral Goddess Lunar Infused Oil, Head Eaze, or 1oz CBD Salve 500mg.

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