Urgent Update!


At 7pm the school informed me that the construction crew needed more space and took away 15 booths! I spent the last 3 hours at the school, reconfiguring the front section of the market and it’s tight. But I was able to not have to call anyone to say they can’t come due to losing the spots. That’s the good news.

The not so great news is that the front section had to be flipped. We lost corner spaces and load in will be tricky.

It is best if you arrive on the earlier side. Before 9am and be prepared to wait in line as we navigate the load in. With only a few hours to recreate what I normally take a couple days to configure, its the best I could do.

I am asking that everyone be extra patient. I know some will not like the change but this is the way it has to be for at least tomorrow. If you have a larger vehicle, you may not be able to get in the front section. I will re-evaluate the layout after tomorrow. Please look at the layout and you will see the changes. If you have an assigned space as a “permanent seller” we may have to load you in later if you are on the corners marked in RED.

If you can cart in, that is always best but I understand that it may not be possible.

ONE CAR PER BOOTH will be strictly enforced. Additional cars will have to cart in. Do NOT try to get a second car in or you will hold up the other Sellers.

Again, we had no warning. It’s been a brutal evening and I missed the Dodger game so PLEASE BE COOL to each other tomorrow as I am giving you a heads up that tomorrow may be a bit rough to get loaded in.

Those of you who typically have the same spots in the front section may be displaced but it’s out of our control. I felt it was more important to make sure everyone got in than to worry about if everyone got their “normal” space and I hope you agree.

That’s it. Just remember, we will get loaded in. And we will have a great day like always at Los Feliz Flea. See you tomorrow!



Alex, who normally checks you in is out of town tomorrow. Samantha is starting tomorrow for her first time. Let’s make her feel welcome.



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