Rules of the Trade and The Consequences.

Hi there,

I will cut to the chase. Break Down or Leave Early = banned from future events for a minimum of 2 months. Repeat offenders will be unable to book again.

If you are scratching your heads as to why so strict, let me explain.

First off it is a disruption to the event. People attend anticipating that ALL Sellers will be setup and selling until 5PM. If Sellers are breaking down, or have left early that will look bad on us and could result in bad reviews and that we are unwilling to allow happen. We work hard to create a fun and successful event. If a Seller feels that because they are not doing well that particular day that it’s okay to leave early, understand that it result in a ban from returning for a minimum of 2 months. At that time a Seller can re-apply but there is not guarantee of approval.

Next, it cause the domino affect. One Seller bails and others think it’s okay to do the same. Next thing we have multiple booths leaving early. This is not allowed.

Other Seller get upset. If you are slated to sell 11-5. Stay 11-5. You could have one sale at 4:50 that makes the entire day worth while but would never know if you leave early.

When you book, be prepared to stay the entire time.

Thank you.


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