Seller Update Feb 16th 2023

Los Feliz Flea has tightened up its policies and enforced stricter rules for vendors to maintain its reputation as a safe and welcoming space for all.

Los Feliz Flea has tightened its policies around parking and setup, as well as ensuring that all vendors adhere to existing rules and regulations, including load in and load out.

PARKING has long been an issue at the Flea, with limited spaces and some vendors taking up more than their fair share of the available spots. This has led to frustration among vendors and visitors, with some feeling that the situation is unfair and disorganized. The Flea needs to implement stricter rules around parking and ensure that all vendors adhere to these rules. Effective immediately, NO VENDORS ARE PERMITTED TO ENTER THROUGH ST. GEORGE, other than the Coffee Truck and the Mobile Boutique. All Vendors must enter through the Griffith Park entrance. This is also the requirement of LAFD.

If you are approved for early entry (7:15 AM, No Earlier), you will be placed on the Early Entry List and MUST check-in before entering the selling area. We have hired a security guard to man the Griffith Park entrance. When you pull in, state that you are a Vendor and he will Chalk your front driver’s side tire. NO VENDORS ARE PERMITTED TO USE THIS “LOAD-IN” LOT FOR PARKING! The lot is for customers who spend money at the flea. The VENDOR LOT is located just West of the Load in Main Lot. Or you can park on the ample street parking. Violators will have their accounts deactivated. Don’t use our customer parking! In the coming weeks, we will require all vendors to provide, at the checkout, the license plate of the attending vehicles. If you have been arriving early with our permission or to request early entrance through the Griffith Park gate, you must email us at support@theoddmarket and re-request early access. You must include your full name, company name, and vehicle you are driving, along with your vehicle’s color and booth number. If you are NOT a Booth License holder, state your booth number changes. 

One vehicle is permitted to drive in per booth. If you have 2 booths, you can bring in 2 vehicles, and so on.

Tent Rentals: NO OUTSIDE RENTALS PERMITTED. Some vendors have been using an outside source for their tent rentals. Aside from this being in direct competition with our rental operation, we have had numerous problems with them, and we no longer permit any outside rentals at Los Feliz Flea. You can rent tents, tables, chairs, and weights directly through our site.

Your Booth: Spaces are marked. Stay within your space! If you need more space, consider Booths 91-107, 146-162, 163-172 or 184-192. Those booths are deeper, and you can use the backspace, but NO ONE IS PERMITTED TO SET UP INTO THE AISLES! Table Booths are just that. Room for one table. Nothing is permitted to be placed on the ground surrounding a table booth. Make sure you are in your booth! If you mistakenly set up in the wrong booth, you WILL BE REQUIRED TO MOVE TO YOUR BOOTH!


NO ADDING OTHER ITEMS than what you were approved to sell when you applied. If you want to add additional or Non Related items you must submit a request to and obtain approval first.

NO MUSIC: We do not permit music to be played in booths unless we have given prior permission.


End of Day: You may start packing your booth merchandise 15 minutes before the closing time. If we close at 4, then you can begin to at 3:45. You must remain open until closing time. NO VEHICLES ARE PERMITTED TO ENTER OR MOVE until management announces it is safe. This is an LAFD regulation and common sense. Be mindful of customers and other vendors.

We will not be policing vendors, giving warnings, or spending time reminding vendors of these straightforward rules. If we see them being broken, your account will be deactivated.

For more on Rules and Regulations, visit the Resources Section on the website.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Phillip & Shelly Dane and the Staff

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