Update! Change to Booth License Policy.

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If you have a Booth License or are planning on obtaining one, please read these important updates to our policy.

We had a vendor suggest an alternative to our updated policy that we feel is great!

Vendors with a Booth License will have until noon on the 15th of each month to book their dates for the following month.

For example, you will have until October 15th to book the dates you want in November.

This month since we are past the 15th, we will give everyone until Noon on Tuesday September 20th to purchase the dates you want to attend in October as well as for September 24th. At noon, all booths will be released, including October dates so others can book.

We started the Booth License program for those sellers who asked to become permanent sellers with us and not as a means of restricting other sellers from booking who do want to sell every week with us. The Booth Licenses program allows you to book week to week instead of having to pre-pay for weeks or months in advance but was never intended to be a way for anyone to hold a booth and show up every now and again. That is unfair to those sellers who want to come every week or those who need to plan in advance and not hope they get a booth on Tuesday at 12:15 PM.

Thank you!

Phillip & Shelly Dane


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