Seller Info June 26th Flea


Welcome to the Los Feliz Flea (welcome back to our reg’s)

We have some cool things happening like our own ATM Machine and Booth Assignments starting next week!

Please go to for load in for tomorrow. Remember to enter in on Griffith Park Blvd NOT St. George unless you have been directed to. Load in starts at 8am and ends at 10:15.

Form TWO Lines alternating as you arrive please at the bottom of the Ramp. Do Not drive up the ramp until we open the ramp at 8AM.

If fully vaccinated, face covering is not required.

NO EARLY BREAKDOWNS! NO EXCUSES…. If you break down or leave early you will not be permitted to sell again for 3 months.

Our ATM will be located tomorrow by the rear of the Flea at the Photo Booth.

We have Free and Paid WiFi. Select Los Feliz Flea from the networks and follow the instructions.

We are cracking down on dogs on the pavement. If you see a dog doing the dog dance you can say something or get staff to do it. We have dog booties for sale by the ATM for $10.

Our house photographer is Wolf for tomorrow. Smile and show off those maskless faces.


On the ground will be white chalk numbers from 1-170. If you are a permanent seller or if you are interested in getting that space again, please make note of your space as we will need it when we assign your pre-existing bookings to a booth number. For new bookings, you will simple click on the booth if it’s available.

Starting next week, we will stagger load in. Booths 1-66 will load in 8am – 9am and 67-170 will be 9am – 10am. More on this will come next week.

That’s it for tonight. Get some rest and let’s have some fun making money tomorrow.

-Phillip & Shelly

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