Meet The New LACC Swap Meet

For more than 20 years LACC has been the home to one of the most iconic “traditional” swap meets in Los Angeles. Some vendors have been there every weekend for the same amount of time. We were invited to take this iconic Swap Meet over after the previous company decided without notice to shut it down which would have led to 200 displaced and loyal vendors being without a means of weekend income.

Many people don’t realize that in addition to swap meet being a source of much needed income for these die-hard vendors, the swap meet provides over $600,000 in funds to over 17,000 students in the Los Angeles College System! As of last weekend it was all about to be history. We were not letting that happen and we didn’t let that happen.

We are now the enthusiastic owners of the LACC Swap Meet and hope you can come support this amazing traditional market. There’s discounted everything here. From household items and funny and cool finds. This place has it all and we plan on expanding and growing while maintaining the way things have been for years. We are keeping as many vendors that want to stay with us and adding new ones each week.

There are the 2 food trucks that have been there for many years and we are adding a rotating 2 more to add some new flavors to the mix.

The LACC Swap Meet is held every Saturday and Sunday from 9AM til 3:30PM.

Free Parking in the structure and Free Admission for the first month or so.

Please, if you come, we ask you do not support the illegal street sellers in front of the Swap Meet. They are in violation of the LA City ordinance which prohibits street vending within 500 feet from a swap meet. It is very unfair to the vendors who pay and support the LACC Foundation each week. We have invited them all inside to participate but they refuse as they don’t pay to be on the street. 🙁

Thanks and hope to see you there some weekend.

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