Rising Covid-19 numbers and Extreme Heat


I was never thrilled to open at this time with the cases of Coronavirus on the rise in the first place. I honestly was taking this opportunity to host these two events on this amazing lot, in an effort to help local pop-ups and food trucks. But, with so few interested in selling in this volatile climate along with the extreme heatwave poised to hit this weekend, I am pushing the start dates as follows:

Food Truck Fridays: Starts Aug 7th

The Downtown Flea: Starts Aug 10th

Shelly and I both feel that opening for the sake of opening during these rising covid-19 numbers is just not something we are willing to roll the dice on. The safety and wellbeing of both our Sellers and Customers is paramount.

The fee remains the same at only $50 per booking, If you have bookings for Odd Nights at The Autry, Food Truck Fridays or The Downtown Flea, you can use those credits toward the upcoming events or you can use them for a Go Live Subscription.

Go Live will blow your mind! You can find out more at theoddmarket.com/go-live and over the next couple days, I will have a demo video up showing just how groundbreaking Go Live is. This is the next best thing to in-person shopping. Live Video on Demand between Stores and Customers. It’s fantastic!

For the past 4 months, I have been busting my butt to get Go Live to our Sellers as fast as possible. When I say it was a daunting task, that would be a grave understatement. It’s been a long journey of trials and errors. As of today’s testing, I can assure you, Go Live is nothing like anything out there and it’s a game-changer.

If all goes to plan, we will release the Go Live platform officially on Friday and invite every store out there to sign up for your free e-commerce store on Odd Market and then start a trial of Go Live.

Thanks for your support and we will get through this slowly.

Phillip Dane

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