Downtown is longing for you but you are missing the boat!

This is Mind-blowing!

I am really blown away at the lack of bookings for what could be the hottest event in DTLA since Covid-19 stopped us all in our tracks!

We have secured one of the best lots in Downtown Los Angeles! The lot is the Packard Lofts Lot on South Hope and 10th Street. The demographics in South Park are insane! These folks want to get out of their homes. They want things within walking distance. We have everything to make for the perfect event in Downtown and yet the response to Food Truck Fridays and the Downtown Flea from a booking standpoint is embarrassing!

Let me be 100% upfront with you. I didn’t want to open back up this soon! I honestly was agreeing to this for our more than 3000 Food Truck and Pop-Ups registered with The Odd Market. If you guys don’t want to support these events, no worries. I will cancel them and concentrate on our new GO Live platform.

I have the rates super cheap at $50 a booking! Look at the area we are opening up in. It’s all high-end residential.

If you are not booking, I’d love to know why? Coronavirus? Fee? Don’t like DTLA? Don’t like me (I can take it)?

If you want to book for the Food Truck Friday or the Downtown Flea… visit and login to book. I really hope this gets some of you excited. I am waiting to send the press release out until Wednesday. I also have 40,000 emails from local residents in DTLA that I acquired but not wasting my time if no one wants to come play.

Together we can make the Food Truck Friday and Downtown Flea massive!

We do require all Sellers, Food Trucks, and attendees to wear face-covering their nose and mouth at all times. Hand sanitizer is required at every seller booth and food truck.

Contactless Temp Checks at the entrance. 

Book today and let’s make some history: and remember all bookings are discounted to only $50! No Coupon Required.

Thanks for your time.
Phillip Dane

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