New! Booth Licenses launching in October.


As many of you know, Shelly and I do try to make selling at Los Feliz Flea easy, affordable and fun. We have some policies set forth to help us with this journey and sadly, not everyone keeps up with one in particular. Permanent booths require a minimum of holding 3 or more consecutive bookings at all times. Some adhere to this but most do not and we get it. Things get busy. Life happens. People forget. Unfortunately, this is a very time consuming process to reserve booths exclusively for specific Sellers and even harder when we have to remind or ask “are you booking this week” so we will be moving to a Booth License system which we feel is fair and will reduce our work load by 90% and allow us more time to market and promote.

Whats a Booth License you might be asking… It’s basically a subscription to a specific booth or group of booths. The cost is only $25 per booth space per month, which will auto debit just like a subscription. A Seller can log in at and visit our Booth License page under Seller Resources and select the booth or booths they want to reserve. Sellers must maintain an active License and keep up with their weekly booth fees to secure their booth.

Booth Licenses can be cancelled at any time. They are not required to participate. You can always grab any available booth but if you want the same booth every week, you will need a Booth License.

As long as you book your spot by the end of the day on Tuesday for the coming Saturday, the space is promised to only you! You don’t have to buy 3 or more weeks anymore although we highly suggest it so that you don’t forget by accident because we can’t call everyone each week anymore. We have to focus on marketing and not reminder calls. If you do not book by the end of the day on Tuesday, the booth will be released for that week only to the general Seller populous.

Thanks for understanding and for being a Registered Seller at Los Feliz Flea.


Phillip & Shelly

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