Important Seller Update regarding Booth Licenses

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Today is the deadline for grabbing a Booth License. Let me explain in detail what I mean by “deadline” and why it’s important to understand the Booth License option.

Deadline as in tomorrow, I will be publishing dates through January or February. When I publish a new date the system will automatically reserve a booth so long as it has an active Booth License associated with it. We can no longer spend hours and hours manually reserving booths for sellers. It has to be automated and the only way to do that is with a Booth License.

This goes for all Seller categories and Food Trucks.

I will try to explain exactly how this works. Let’s say you want booth number 12 because its been your booth for a while, with a $25 a month Booth License for that booth, you will always have the option to grab that booth. I say option because the booth fee must be paid by the Tuesday of any upcoming Saturday. Let’s say you know you will be there 3 out of 4 weeks in November. You can book all the dates upfront (recommended) or you can book the dates you want by Tuesday of any of those upcoming dates. If you are planning on missing the 2nd Saturday then don’t book it and on Wednesday that space will be released ONLY for that date. The other dates remain reserved for you.

For clarification, it no longer matters if you consistently book a month or more in advance, you would still need a Booth License so that no one can grab your spot 2 or 3 months from now. This will allow us to open up a lot more dates and not have to spend days trying to reserve booths manually. The fee is only $25 per month per booth and I will need everyone to obtain their license by the end of the day today or you can lose your spot.

I hope that makes sense. Log in at, navigate to Seller Resources and drop down to Booth License (

If you have saved your credit card when you booked a booth in the past and want me to secure your license(s) for you, please email me directly and I will set this up for you. This month would be prorated and the automatic billing will begin on October 1st.

Thanks for being part of Los Feliz Flea and for your support.

Phillip & Shelly


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    I never know when I’ll be available because of my day job. Will you still be selling booths on a weekly basis, i.e., “we still have six booths available for this Saturday”?

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