Important Rules and Changes Effective Immediately. 

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Important Rules and Changes Effective Immediately. 

All Approved Registrations MUST upload a Profile Photo of yourself and not a logo or any other product image. Upon check-in, we will have your profile photo; it must be you and not someone else. If you are sending an employee other than yourself, you must submit their name and photo to to gain entry. If you have difficulty updating your profile image, email the photo along with your company’s name and email on file so we can do it for you.

We no longer allow sellers to share booths. 

On a weekly basis, we find multiple booths are re-sold to non-approved sellers or sellers are permitting non-approved sellers to share their booths. This is not permitted! 

Sell ONLY what you were approved for when you applied.

This means one business sells what they have been approved for and nothing else unless written approval is granted by us prior to selling it at the flea. If you bring in non-approved items that are not in line with what was on your original application, your account will be deactivated. Written approval will only be reviewed if submitted to and must include the item(s) description, price points, and photos.

Who is permitted in your booth selling?

You can have more than one person working in your booth but not more than one person’s business. Violations will result in the forfeit of future bookings (paid or not paid) and license revocation (if applicable) without prior notification by management. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE FOR POLICY INFRACTIONS. 

In Conclusion

We do our best to keep all our sellers happy and make LFF a relaxed, fun, and profitable place for you. We don’t want to spend every Saturday tracking down sellers who aren’t approved to sell in other approved vendor spaces. This is a standard guideline at flea markets. It’s not new, so most of you are accustomed to this already.

We always want to remain fair to all small businesses. Sellers sneaking in unwilling to wait for their turn to be approved is just wrong for everyone.

We will see you soon.

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