Important Info for tomorrow’s Los Feliz Flea


Tomorrow is going to be hot. 94 is the forecast! Stay hydrated.

A few basics:

  • There is no sharing of booths with NON Approved sellers.
  • Stay within the booth measurements. Do not spread out even if you think it’s okay. Spaces are 10 x 10, so please remain in your space.
  • No Smoking on LAUSD property. This includes vaping.
  • No early breakdown. No early leaving. This includes lining up in the parking lot by the ramp and waiting to drive in. It blocks customers from getting out of the lot, and we are getting a lot of complaints about this. You can line up at 4:45 PM.
  • No Sellers are permitted to park in the Customer Lot. The vendor lot is just west of the customer’s lot, located on Griffith Park Blvd. If that lot fills up, park on Griffith Park Blvd or St. George Street but not on Tracy.
  • No dogs will be permitted without dog booties.

Here are the full Rules and Regulations as well as Load In Instructions.

Violations of these rules will result in your account being deactivated, and we will not notify you beforehand. 

We work hard to create a fun and profitable flea market, and we have very few rules and expect them to be followed. Thank you and have a great day tomorrow!


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