ATM Or WiFi… That is the question.

lighted ATM

We feel we have a pretty awesome Flea going on over at Marshall HS but the wifi and cell service sucks! You’d be lucky to get a single bar with Verizon and the others are lackluster at best. Seems AT&T takes first place but not everyone is on AT&T. We have a solution… or two.

Starting this Saturday we will have an ATM available in case the cell service prevents Venmo and other P.O.S. systems to not connect. YES!

woman pouting her lips while holding smartphone in front of her face

We are also planning on bringing in our own HotSpot but it’s not cheap. At first, we will only be able to provide this at a fee of about $10 for the day which works fine for the Vendors but not what we want for the customer. This will be phase one while we work on a second setup to offer our shoppers (who we adore) a free option or we may make you do something totally embarrassing to access the WiFi. The jury is out on that one. In all seriousness, in today’s world wifi is pretty much expected to be available and it’s very frustrating not to be connected to share those super cool selfies in your new vintage garb. We hear you and we are on it. We just need a bit more time.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful support and hope to see you at the Los Feliz Flea this and EVERY Saturday for the rest of your lives.


Phillip Dane

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