Welcome to Go! Live Odd Market

Hello and Welcome to the next generation of Odd Market.

When Covid-19 literally shut us and all event companies down, it became very apparent that a shift needed to happen immediately. Not only were we affected by this pandemic but we knew that thousands of Sellers had nowhere to sell as well. Then came the shops. Thousands of shops had to shut their doors. People with day jobs were being let go. Uncertainty abounded. But one thing that was I was very certain of, was that we needed to do something. In almost the same moment we were no longer able to produce events, I had a goal to re-connect Customers with the Stores through our website.

GO! Live brings the consumer, face to face with the shop owner. Imagine customers visiting your online store with the ability to push a button and within less than a minute, have a live video call with you. It’s pretty amazing. If the store owner is not available, the customer can easily leave a message that will be texted and emailed to you so you can follow up with the sale.

It’s the ONLY Live Video Call Platform in the World! This is not a fancy “ChatBot” or a “Record your question and wait for a response.” This is Live Video Calling between Customers and Store Owners. We’ve taken safe distancing to a whole new level.

Above is the Store owners app which will notify shop owners when there is someone requesting a live video call. If the Shop owner is available, within seconds you are connected in real-time on a live video call!

We are super excited to be the only online store with this technology and hope you enjoy it as we do our part to bring the connection back.

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