Understanding Booth Licenses & Booth Availability


I hope this post will clear up the two most asked questions.

  1. I have a booth license but the booth I selected is booked already.
  2. Are there any booths ope for this week?

1.I have a booth license but the booth I selected is booked already.

Booth Licenses work like an ownership of a property. Think AirBnB. If you own a house and it is reserved at the time you bought the house then you can’t just cancel that persons rental, correct? The same is true with a Booth at the Flea. If you purchase a License without first following the instructions (see if the booth is previously rented first) than you accept the terms of the booth license. For example, if today you obtained booth #1 but booth #1 was previously booked for the next 3 weeks, then your automatic reservation for that booth will be after the 3rd date. Or it may be that your booth is booked a few random weeks. For those weeks, you would have to obtain a booth other than your licensed one. When future dates are published you will never have this issue again as they are automatically reserved for you.


2. Are there any booths open for this week?

Please do not call, text or email us to ask “do you have any booths open for this week” because you are seeing exactly what we are seeing online. Just log in and look for a blue booth. If there are none then we are sold out. BUT…. The orange booths represent booths that have a Booth License attached to them. The license holders have until Tuesday each week by midnight to pay for their reserved booth. Those who are not attending that week will have their booths released at 12:01 AM Wednesday. This happens every single week so the best time to snag a booth is a couple weeks in advance or on any given Wednesday starting at 12:01AM

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