Tips to Booking Los Feliz Flea. Tune in Tuesdays!

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You may have noticed that the interactive map looks like a rainbow of sorts. It really is all about Red, Orange, and Timing!

Red booths are booked already but the Orange booths are reserved by Booth License Holders (BLH). First, let me explain briefly what the Booth License is all about. If you are a seller who likes to know they have the option to always be in the same booth when they are at Los Feliz Flea, then a booth license is for you. It’s like an insurance policy. For example, let’s say booth 30 is your favorite and you see that the Booth License is available, the first thing you would want to do is go to all the published event dates first to see how many it any at all, are already booked. Prior to you securing the booth license, other sellers may have already bought the booth you are interested in. Now you have a choice. You can still obtain the license and then on those dates where the booth is not already booked, the booth will be reserved for you (orange) but on the dates, the booth is already booked, you’d have to just grab any booth that is available for that specific date. The other option is to pick another booth license.

Keep in mind that when we publish new dates, your booth will automatically be reserved for you for all dates moving forward until you cancel your license.

Now back to the trick… All BLH’s have until Noon on Tuesday to purchase their booth or they can not and then that booth turns blue and anyone can grab it. If you see only Red and Orange booths that means we are “sorta” sold out. Every Tuesday starting at 12:01 PM is when you can jump in and see which orange spots become available (blue) and that’s it in a nutshell.

Booth Licenses are $25 per month per space and are automatically debited each month until you cancel. You can move to another booth license if available by simply contacting us. We can switch booth licenses without you having to cancel and re-subscribe.

For more information on Booth Licenses or to see which booths are available, visit



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