Permanent Sellers Info & Table Booths & WiFi


As Los Feliz Flea grows, we have many Sellers asking about being a permanent seller and we want to welcome this to the mix as we have with other markets in the past. We have a limited number of spots allotted to permanent sellers.


Same booth each week.
Early Arrival through Front Gate (must arrive between 7:10 AM-7:45 AM) If you arrive after 7:45, you will have to enter through Griffith Park Blvd.
No risk of being waitlisted.

The requirement is that a Seller holds a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks at all times OR purchase monthly.

How it works:

If you opt for the 3 bookings then you would first purchase weeks then after you complete 1 week, you would replace that with one 3 weeks out.

Monthly requires that a Seller purchase a full month by the 2nd week of the previous week. For example, If you want May, you would book that month no later than the 2nd Saturday of April.

We currently have 150 booths and a waiting list each week. We want to build our business with you so please don’t wait until we sell out to try and get a booth,


These are simply “Cart On Only” spaces located around the perimeter of the grassy knoll. It’s enough room for you to bring or rent 1 6 foot table and a couple of chairs. You can bring a standing umbrella as well. These spaces are good for those who need only one table and have a few items to sell. No tents or displays permitted.


We are hoping that by this coming Saturday, April 3rd, we will have a Pay to Play WiFi in place. Sellers can opt-in the day of for $10-$12 for the day for high-speed internet to be used for POS transactions and posting to social. It’s very costly to bring in Temp Event Wifi but we are working on it.




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