Mixed Messages and Inconsistencies. Let me explain.


Most, if not all are now aware of these new and the newer Stay At Home orders which are really more like “recommendation” and if you are like most, it’s all insanely confusing.

Let me start with… We are not shut down. Not the Flea Market and not the Drive-In Movie Night.

Both events take place outdoors and we require face coverings at both. There are some “requirements” and then we have some “recommendations” and we are complying with them all.

On a personal note, these are very difficult times for all of us. The events we are producing are Covid safe. They are outdoors and they are far less than capacity. If we are shut down, it would be by LAUSD and not the City. Of course, if the City does come down with more strict Stay Home orders that effectively close down all business other than essential businesses then that is another story and one that is not in place currently.

With that said, we invite you to wear your face covering (nose and mouth) and come this Saturday to the Los Feliz Flea and Sunday to the grand opening of the Downtown Drive-In & Night Market located on Hill and 8th. We are featuring Scrooged.

Visit us at theoddmarket.com

Thanks for the continued support and please be safe.

Phillip Dane

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