Introducing Odd Lot Foundation

We are very happy to announce that the Odd Lot Foundation, our 501c3 which will be spearheading the new Odd Market site. We have made a lot of changes since the onset of Covid-19 in an effort to redesign the way we do business. Unlike some event producers racing to open back up, we are not comfortable doing that at this time. Too many people crowded into small spaces and there is no possible way to “social distance” at a Flea Market.


Instead, we spent 4 months and thousands of dollars to create the only Live Interactive Platform for Odd Market. We are inviting Sellers to participate in a beta program. There is no cost for the trial. All you’d do is request to be a supplier. Upload some products. Subscribe for the Trial and download the Android App. The service is currently only available with Android. iOS is coming after we complete the 2-week beta testing.

There are no more “Stores” to manage. We have streamlined the process to get you up and running fast! We sell, you Fulfill. Simple.


You add your items. Include the Cost of Goods (with a minimal shipping fee) and that is what you make when we sell through Odd Market. When an item sells, you will receive a PDF order through email. You pack with our preprinted invoice and ship. We work on Net 30, meaning every 30 days we will pay you for the sales from the prior month.


We built GO Live to connect Customers with Suppliers with a click of a button. Once you are a supplier on Odd Market, you can add your products through your dashboard. Then Subscribe for the Free Beta Subscription and Download the App to an Android device. Log in to the App with your same credentials as the website and that’s it. Now you can announce to your customers you have GO Live. We will feature you as well through our network and social channels.

On every product page, you will see a GO Live button and a link to your Profile and to all your items. Customers can press GO Live and on your android, you will get a notification inviting you to accept or decline the Live Video Call. If you accept, within seconds you are live with your customer. Nothing sells better than you. Now it’s immediate. It’s personal. It’s fun.

We invite you to start today!

First Log In to and from your profile page, message me that you want to be set as a Supplier. Then start adding items from your Profile Page using the Add Item link. Next on the top right of the site is Get GO Live. Subscribe to the Free Beta package. Next Download the App from Here. You must download the app from your Android Device and not a computer. Then install and log in. You are now all set.

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