Attention Vendors: Important Updates Inside!

Dear Los Feliz Flea Sellers,

We hope this message finds you well. We wanted to share some crucial updates and reminders to ensure everyone has a positive experience in our curated market. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines.


We will be staging all Rooftop Sellers on the second floor. Do not line up on the street! Vendors can pull into the Bartlett Ramp Entrance starting at 7 AM. Staff will check you in on the second floor and, in groups, send you up to the Roof.

Remember you are NOT permitted to set up your booth until after removing your vehicle from the roof.

Ground Floor Vendors: Load-in remains the same as in the past.

Complete Load-In Instructions can be found online:


  • For safety reasons, the LAFD mandates that we have no one outside their designated booth space.
  • No chairs are permitted in the aisles. Keep your chairs inside your space.
  • No signage in the aisles.
  • The Grass area is actually 10×11 feet. You already have a free foot! From the center line to the aisle is 11 Feet! We will get cited for code violation. LAFD is being very nice with us as this is a unique set up being permitted to operate on a Rooftop.

2. Booth Selling or Gifting Prohibited:

  • Each vendor is responsible for their assigned booth space. Do not give or sell your booth to another vendor. Unauthorized booth transfers will result in the deactivation of your account.

3. Attendee Identification: HAVE IT OUT AND READY TO SHOW

  • Effective immediately, attendees must present their ID when checking in at our market. As a curated market, we approve vendors based on specific criteria. Only approved vendors should be selling, and no substitutions are permitted. If we wait for you to look for your ID, it slows the load-in process and causes severe delays. 

4. Respect Our Space:

  • We have invested significant resources to create a welcoming and attractive market space. Unfortunately, recent incidents have raised concerns:
    • Graffiti in one of the booths
    • Cigarette burn on the grass in another booth
    • Some vendors left their spaces with trash
    • Potting Soil left in the booth

5. Maintain Booth Condition:

  • Vendors are responsible for the condition of their booth space during and after the event. We expect each space to be returned to us in the same condition it was provided. Damages or vandalism will require coverage of repair costs before future participation.

6. Tent Weight Requirement:

  • For safety reasons, it is mandatory to use weights if you intend to set up a tent at our market. Vendors without proper weights will not be allowed to use tents. If you do not have weights, you can rent them from us. Vendors with tent setups and no weights will have their accounts deactivated for 90 days.

7. DO NOT SET UP before Moving Your Vehicle

  • Load-In goes much easier if everyone follows this simple rule.
  • Pull to your booth.
  • Unload.
  • Park.
  • Come back and set up.

8.  Protect Our Rooftop:

  • Driving on the grass when accessing the rooftop area is Prohibited! Failure to comply with this request will result in your account being deactivated. Let’s maintain the integrity of our unique location. In the past four weeks, our staff has had to deal with oil on the grass, cigarette burns, and potting soil.

We believe these guidelines are essential to maintaining the quality and integrity of our market. Your cooperation is crucial to our collective success. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your understanding and for being an integral part of our market community. We look forward to continuing to create a vibrant and welcoming space for all.

Warm regards,

Phillip & Shelly


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