Important Vendor Update! Announcing Plan B

Hi All!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the weather forecast has been a significant factor in our event planning. In order to prioritize everyone’s safety and comfort, I’ve arranged for all vendors originally booked on the Roof to be relocated to the Ground Floor.

To make this happen, we will need to make some fast changes.

As part of these changes, vendor parking will now be on the roof, specifically in the aisles. This is to ensure that all vendors, including those originally booked for the Roof, can still operate without the risk of being rained out. Please note that there will be no transfers, credits, or refunds for those who choose not to attend.

We will load you in the first available space to not create an unmanageable morning.

  1. Staging will remain on the second floor for ROOFTOP VENDORS ONLY. We will have Rooftop Vendors enter through the Bartlett Ramp starting at 7:15 AM. You will check in and staff will send you around to the ground floor through Bartlett Garage Entrance (DO NOT ENTER ON FIGUEROA TERRACE)
  2. Vendors already booked for the Ground Floor will be allowed to enter the usual way starting at 8 AM through the FIGUEROA TERRACE entrance.
  3. ALL 10×10 Vendors will unload (NOT SETUP), Then exit through the MIDDLE GATE to FIGUEROA TERRACE and head back up the ramp to the Roof to park.

If everyone follows these instructions, we should have a smooth load-in and keep everyone safe and dry.

If, by some Easter Miracle, the forecast shifts, we will revert to our regular Rooftop and Ground-Floor market.