Important Seller Notification

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Hey Everyone,

Shelly and are excited to see how our little Los Feliz Flea has quickly grown. At the same time, we are seeing some things that do not mesh with our vision of operating a great flea market and I will address them here so there is no confusion.

We have rules and policies like all markets. All vendors have agreed to these when booking and they are not “suggestions.” We will no longer be walking around policing vendors asking you to turn off your music or to stay within your space, and so forth. Those who do not adhere to our terms of participation will find their account deactivated for 90 days for a first-time offense and permanent for repeated offenses. Please, simply follow the simple rules.

If you can’t make it for whatever reason we still need to be notified by no later than 8 am the day of the flea market via your profile page ONLY. You log in, go to My Profile, and then send us a message through the website. Messages through IG, text, or smoke signals will not be accepted as notifications and will result in your account being deactivated as well. We need time to fill in empty booths so the flea doesn’t look bad.

Meet Your Market Manager: Kevin 

Kevin is there on-site from 7 am – 7 pm. If you need help with Wifi, questions about what can and can’t be done. Basically, for anything pertaining to being at the flea, Kevin is your go-to man.

Here are the rules:

  • No Music at Sellers Booths between 11 AM and 5 PM (before and after is fine so long as it’s kept at a reasonable level)
  • No Smoking of anything on school grounds. LAUSD has a strict no smoking policy which includes vaping! This includes parking areas, the field, the restrooms, and any school district property.
  • Tents are required. Any color.
  • ONLY vendors who are approved are permitted to sell. If you bring in non-registered co-vendors, you will not be permitted to sell and forfeit your booking fee.
  • No Generators without prior permission.
  • Do Not go beyond your space. No racks or bins in the aisles. They have to be within your space. No longer will you be allowed to “spread out” without prior permission even if you have been doing it in the past. We have decided it is not fair to allow some to spread out and others not to.
  • No Seller parking in the customer main lot. We have a dedicated Seller lot. Cars will now be chalked upon arrival so don’t pull a fast one or risk being towed.
  • Cars loading in and out must be mindful of others trying to do the same. Don’t keep doors open so others can’t get by. Pull close to your booth so others can pass.
  • Vendors do NOT direct other vendors EVER! Or you can be liable in the event of an accident. Let our staff handle that.
  • Don’t leave your car on the lot while setting up. Pull in, Unload. Move to Park. Return and set up. Do Not start setting up while your car is on our lot.
  • Don’t bring your car onto the lot before you break down. This will speed up load out and reduce the congestion.
  • If you arrive after 10:15 AM, you risk losing your space without a refund or option to transfer. If space is still available, you will only be allowed to cart in no later than 10:50 AM.
  • All Sellers must be off the lot by 6:45 PM.
  • Sellers are NOT permitted to ask our staff to help them.
  • Clean up your area. Do not leave trash for us to deal with.

Further load-in instructions are found here: and it is important to read these before arriving 

Basically, be MINDFUL and follow the rules or you will not be allowed back.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to growing along with you!

-Phillip and Shelly


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