Flash Sale. New Rates. Night Market. This is Vintage Land!

50% BONUS on Deposits! 

Want to save BIG? We will give you a 50% BONUS on your purchase starting at $500! If you put $500 on your account, we give you $250 FREE! Put $1000 in, and get $500! These credits do not expire, and you can use them to book any of the events at Vintage Land! The sale ends at 9 AM on May 1st.

Updated Rates! NEW LOWER FEES
Los Feliz Flea at Vintage Land!

The rain these past months has put a grip on everyone so we are lowering the rates to $75 for a 10×10 and $125 for 20×20. All the new rates are on the booking page as well! 

Vintage Land Rooftop Night Market!
Starting May 3rd!

If you are selling on Saturday with us, this is a must! Come sell at the Night Market on Friday and leave your set up overnight! Then, come back on Saturday and start selling! If you want to just do the Night Market, that is also fine. Now with lower rates on all our events. The 10×10 booth is only $75! 

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