Doing things the right way, is working!

Hey Guys!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post so I decided to update everyone on how things have been going since we started back up.

They are going GREAT!

Social Distancing is working. Larger booth spaces are working. Requiring Masks at all times is working.

Shelly and I are 100% committed to the safety and well being of our Sellers and Attendees. At the same time, we are aware of the hardships so many are facing financially, mentally, and physically. A trip to the Los Feliz Flea or the Downtown Flea could be just what the Doctor ordered. Socialize while distancing, listen to some music, get some exercise, buy something special without breaking the bank. I’ve always loved the flea market business because it truly is a recession-proof business. There’s always a unique treasure to be found to brighten up your day or liven up your home. When times are great, the flea is fun. When things are not so great, the flea fills the gap and can be therapeutic (and still fun).

The flea markets are about community. They are about bringing back a sense of normalcy.

We hope you can join us this Saturday at the Los Feliz Flea and Sunday at the Downtown Flea. Both are open 11-4 and details can be found on


Phillip & Shelly Dane

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