Covid-19 Update regarding Stay-At-Home orders

LA County just announced

Los Angeles orders more restrictions as coronavirus surges

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First off, we are not affected by these new orders. Unless LAUSD (the School District) closes us down, we are allowed to remain open so long as we remain at 50% capacity and we are.

Outdoor fitness centers, museums and outdoor amusements such as mini-golf can operate at 50% of capacity.

For tomorrow:
Please do not show up before 8:30 am.
Only ENTER through the Griffith Park Blvd. DO NOT enter on Tracy or St. George unless we have instructed you to. 
We bring in Sellers 3-5 at a time. Please be patient. We will get you in.
Pull to your space that we will assign upon arrival. Unload BEFORE setting up. Exit through St. George and turn left to park either on the streey or back in the lot where you entered. Then come in and set up.
Load-In is also here:
We need the cars off the lot as quickly as possible.
MASKS! These MUST cover your mouth AND nose and MUST be on before you reach the check-in point. Having a face covering with your nose exposed is not protecting anyone. We have a zero-tolerance for non-compliance with face covering. Please be mindful of the people around you. 
Thank you all for your support!
Phillip & Shelly

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