$5 Admission Policy and now Cashless Entry


We are thrilled to be back producing Odd Nights at The Autry after a 2-year hiatus. As you are aware, everything has gone up in cost due to the pandemic. Our rent, insurance, equipment and even hiring staff have been a challenge. We want to continue Odd Nights and not cave to high costs and the only way we can accomplish this is by charging admission for adults and kids over the age of 1. This is necessary to be able to keep Odd Nights open. We have negotiated to lower the Unlimited Play Wristbands to $35 instead of $40 which basically translates into a wash as most parents love the wristband deal.


We will not be accepting cash at the door anymore. Tickets will be available online (coming soon) or with credit card entry at the door.

We are also lowering the vendor and food truck fees as well to help give them a hand during a difficult time of re-booting.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and support. We hope to see you on June 17th.

Phillip & Shelly Dane


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