Needlefelted skunk


They don’t smell like fresh flowers but they have the sweetest little disposition. These are original designed needle-felted skunks. They are a fresh twist on a classic woodland character. They are posable, made of wool and galvanized wire. Are approximately 6/7 inches from nose to tail. Not a suitable toy for young children. Default coloration [...]


These bright little stars are designed to match the Binary Star necklace, which means they spin too!


Centripetal: Latin for "center seeking." Show off your smarts with these stylish day-to-night earrings, inspired by the "ball and string" often used to demonstrate centripetal force.


A binary star is defined as "a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common center of mass".  


The curve of this ring is statement enough – paired with the dramatic glazed ceramic top and it’s truly a stunning combination.  1.5″ in circumference. Ring base is made of bronze and is adjustable to fit many sizes.  

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