Needlefelted skunk


They don’t smell like fresh flowers but they have the sweetest little disposition. These are original designed needle-felted skunks. They are a fresh twist on a classic woodland character. They are posable, made of wool and galvanized wire. Are approximately 6/7 inches from nose to tail. Not a suitable toy for young children. Default coloration [...]


A binary star is defined as "a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common center of mass".  


Centripetal: Latin for "center seeking." Show off your smarts with these stylish day-to-night earrings, inspired by the "ball and string" often used to demonstrate centripetal force.


These bright little stars are designed to match the Binary Star necklace, which means they spin too!


The curve of this ring is statement enough – paired with the dramatic glazed ceramic top and it’s truly a stunning combination.  1.5″ in circumference. Ring base is made of bronze and is adjustable to fit many sizes.  

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