Our most beloved mug is here perfect for all the crazy plant mamas! Glass mugs are almost everywhere now, but not this green one, so beautiful that you’ll want to internally scream every time you see it in your cabinet. It Holds about 12 oz of your favorite drink; hand blown and made of borosilicate [...]


You won’t want to change into your day clothes when you are wearing your comfy “Never Sleep Alone” tank top! Perfect for pairing with the “Never Sleep Alone” PJ pants.


These bright little stars are designed to match the Binary Star necklace, which means they spin too!


Centripetal: Latin for "center seeking." Show off your smarts with these stylish day-to-night earrings, inspired by the "ball and string" often used to demonstrate centripetal force.


A binary star is defined as "a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common center of mass".  


Dog is all you need!  A great sentiment totally applicable to a relationship with our best canine friends


Dog reminds us of the power of being present – of being in the now. Dog does not stress about the past or worry about what may happen in the future.  Find peace in the quiet moments spent with Dog. Breathe and unwind with Dog by your side.


Dog is extraordinary. Dog captures your heart and becomes part of your soul. Your connection with Dog is undeniable, something to cherish, and one that lasts forever. Whether you have traveled to the edge of Rainbow Bridge to say good-bye or continue to share the beauty of each living day, Dog’s essence never leaves you. [...]


Susquehanna Glass double-insulated tumbler, with cover.


…Dog is all you need!  A great sentiment totally applicable to a relationship with our best canine friends. 100% Cotton Preshrunk, Jersey knit Heavy weight standard cut T-shirt




Bunnies for Easter or everyday. 

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