At Iconic MARSHALL H.S.3939 Tracy Street LA CA 90027

The Deets

Enter Griffith Park Blvd Gate. We allow entry at 6:15. Cars are directed upon arrival. SUV and taller vehicles will be placed in the back half. Food Trucks are on the street in front of the Screen on St. George. 

movie schedule

There are currently no events.
covid information

Odd Market Drive-In

We take the current pandemic seriously. If you leave your car for the restroom or to get food, face covering is mandatory. This means covering your nose and mouth. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal with no refund. Be mindful. Wear the Mask. Sitting in pickup truck beds or in the hatchback of your vehicle is permitted. You must remain in your car at all times including when eating. The exception is to purchase food or use the portable restrooms or visit a booth.

We will have a selection of food trucks on St. George. Food must be eaten in your vehicle.

We will tell you the FM Channel to tune into when you arrive. You must have a working FM Radio or a portable FM receiver to hear the movie.


Grab some food off one of the awesome food trucks. Be mindful. Keep your face covering on and social distance. Your meal must be consumed in your vehicle.

Food Trucks Book Here