Participation and Contributions

No Entry Fee
It’s completely free for flea-goers to play! You can play once a day and collect coins to redeem for some awesome prizes or Flea Bucks. The more coins you collect the better the prizes!

Donation Requirement
To participate, vendors are required to donate at least one item as an available prize. We need a short description and retail price of the item(s).

Prizes for Winners


Players have to earn points through the game. It’s an Augmented Reality game that works like a loyalty program. Players will be able to see all the available prizes and how many points is required to get the item.

1st Place: Gift basket + $100 in Flea Bucks

2nd Place: Gift basket + $50 in Flea Bucks

3rd Place: Gift basket + $20 in Flea Bucks

Introducing Flea Bucks

Los Feliz Flea Flea Bucks are the quirky currency that adds a playful twist to the experience! All vendors are obligated to accept them if presented. But here’s the fun part: vendors can redeem Flea Bucks at the end of the day for either cold hard cash or store credit. And if you opt for credit, we sweeten the deal by offering a bonus of 10% more than the face value!

Cash or Credit
Vendors can redeem Flea Bucks for cold hard cash. We can Venmo you or Cut you a check.

Bonus Credit Option
Opt for credit on your account instead of cash, and receive an additional 10% bonus. For example, $100 in Flea Bucks can be converted to $110 in credit for future bookings.

No Expiry
Credits on your account will never expire, offering you flexibility for future participation.

Participation Deadline

Request during Checkout
Vendors who want to participate will have the option to join in the fun at the time of checkout when you book your booth! Gifts must be brought the day of the booking and we will showcase them on the ground floor.

Unlimited Vendors Can Get In On The Action!
When you book, there is an option to Join The Hunt! This is where you list your item(s) and the retail price. We will feature you and the items in the game and on the website!

Join the Fun! Sign Up Now!

The Great Coin Hunt: A Los Feliz Flea Adventure, is not just a game; it’s an opportunity to showcase your products, engage with the community, and be part of the vibrant atmosphere at Los Feliz Flea. We encourage all vendors to participate, contribute, and enjoy the excitement and camaraderie of this special event. Think of it as a “next level” loyalty program! The more someone plays, the better the prizes!