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PHASE II will blow you away. Live Performances. Video Call with Vendors and bring your friends along. Workshops and Q & A and a ton more that we just can't tell you about yet. We are taking the sting out of COVID-19. 

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Welcome to Go Live! Odd Market

Together we make a difference

The world’s only global online Go Live! Odd Market. Born out of necessity in the wake of COVID-19 where thousands of Vendors have been stripped of all events for the unforeseen future, Go Live! Odd Market was created to immediately impact those affected. We are a platform for all small businesses to sell tangible items to not simply sell online but to engage and interact with customers from around the US and abroad.


When you visit the Store, we are adding new Stores daily. If you see the GO LIVE! Button on the store page, that is how you can now Video Call the store. Click the button, enter your name and email and optional phone in case of disconnection and you will Virtually Ring the Store Owner who, if available will initiate the video call. Give it a try. This is PHASE I. In 3-4 weeks we will announce the unveiling of something never been seen before and it will blow your mind. But for now, that's all we can tell you.



Main Lobby. This is where it starts. The Main Lobby is your common area where you'll meet up with your friends, meet new friends. The Main Lobby will have a master directory of all Vendors participating. Those who are open for business will be shown in the Who's Online Box. You can visit any Virtual Vendor Booth online, at which point you can use your video and Audio. Here we'll have bands, vendor workshops, and more. In the Main Lobby, you can meet up with your friends and family and wonder the booths together.

Virtual Booths. vBooths for short.  Each Vendor will have their own vBooth. Here you will interact with the Vendors and others with your webcam and audio. Smartphones and Tablets work too. 

DIY Workshops

While at home, learn something new, ask questions and make the most of being inside.

Virtual Pop-Ups

Virtual Odd Market lets you still interact with our Vendors! Video & Audio kicks in when you enter a Virtual Booth.


We will continue to support our local music community offer no-cost virtual studios for performances on-demand to happen 24/7. Buy their merchandise and make them happy!

About Us

A Family owned business since 1991. We have been producing and creating successful local events throughout Southern California including the Dodger Stadium Flea Market, Truckit Fest at Union Station, Peddler on The Roof at Sunset Gower Studios, The Downtown Flea and most recently Odd Nights at the Autry.


Incredible Numbers

Number of Vendors

The number of vendors who have applied and been approved to participate in our events.

Events Produced

Over 700 events produced in Sothern California since 1991.

How Many People Have Attended

We have had over One Million people attend our events over the past 27 years!

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