Save Los Feliz Flea!

Letter to the principal of marshall hs

Dear Dr. Garcia,

We, the Sellers and Loyal Attendees of the Los Feliz Flea Market, come together to voice our collective concerns regarding the proposed reduction of the market from a weekly event to only twice a month. Both as vendors and as patrons, we believe that this change would have significant repercussions for our community.

  • Economic Dependence for Sellers: For many vendors, the weekly market isn’t merely a selling opportunity; it’s a lifeline. The consistent income generated from weekly sales is crucial for supporting families, managing bills, and covering essential expenses.

  • Community Engagement: The Los Feliz Flea Market is a vibrant community hub. Sellers connect with patrons, friendships are nurtured, and residents discover unique treasures. This weekly interaction fosters a sense of community that would be disrupted by a less frequent schedule.

  • Cultural Significance: The market stands as a beacon of cultural diversity and creativity. Its weekly presence showcases a rich tapestry of traditions, crafts, and talents that might be diluted if reduced to a bi-monthly event.
  • Consistency for Customers: As regular attendees, we look forward to our weekly visits. The market has become a part of our routines, and reducing its frequency might disrupt this, leading us to seek alternatives and affecting the collective business of the vendors.
  • Shared Experiences: The weekly market is a place where stories are shared, where experiences are exchanged, and where the community comes together. Both as sellers and buyers, we cherish these interactions, which would be lessened with a reduced schedule.

Understanding the challenges and constraints you might be facing, we earnestly request that you consider the broader implications of this decision. The ripple effect would impact not just the sellers but also the attendees and the larger community that has come to love this weekly tradition.

We are open to discussions and collaborations to address any concerns while preserving the weekly essence of the market. Together, we believe we can find a solution that benefits all parties involved.

Please stand with us in ensuring the continuity of the Los Feliz Flea as a weekly market. Your support can make a significant difference in the vibrancy and unity of our community.

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