Dog taught you love on a whole different level. You relish bedtime snuggles, playtime, walks through the neighborhood, adventures together, and those perfect moments when you walk through the front door. You have more photos of Dog on your phone than of family and friends combined and you would do anything for your precious pup because, [...]


Dog is Patient, dog is kind. Dog is selfless, always protects, always trusts, and always forgives. Dog is your comic relief and your loyal companion. Regardless of the day you may be experiencing, every moment spent with Dog brings you undeniable joy.   Wear this necklace as a joyful reminder: Dog is Great … Dog [...]


A contemporary, feminine twist to the classic black oxford. The must-have Virago features genuine black calf hair and croc-embossed genuine leather in iridescent charcoal that reveals hues of bronze and silver. The Virago comes with two shoelaces for a versatile look; classic, waxed laces in black satin laces in black Virago features; Genuine leather for [...]

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