The unique fragrance of The Therapist soy candles originates from all-natural scents that leave the room ever so subtly and lightly perfumed. You will be captivated by its spectecular floral composition. Aromatherapy soy candles are long lasting and environmentally friendly. The beautiful thick glass container can be used after the candle has been burned out [...]


The Therapist Essentials Bath Soaks will leave your skin feeling silky soft & smelling Of 100% natural ingredients & effective – 100% vegan. Guided by nature & sustainably handcrafted. INGREDIENTS: HIMALAYAN PINK SALT, DEAD SEA SALT, FRENCH GRAY SALT, EPSON SALT, THERAPEUTIC ESSENTIAL OILS OF LAVENDER, SPEARMINT COSMETIC GRADE FRAGRANCE OILS OF SPRING MEADOW, DRIED LAVENDER FLOWER BUDS AND  [...]

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