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ANGELS VISITING THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE Discover “Angels Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge“, oil painting on canvas inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge and its Angels. There’s a man standing on the bridge. Angels are waiting below to catch him. Either way, he will be saved. Inspired by a friend who, as he told me, [...]


“Gaia’s Tears” canvas stretched and ready to hang. No frame. Dimensions 30 x 40 x 2 3/8 (Width X Height X Depth) This mixed media oil painting is part of the Power of Love born out of a desire to bring back peace on earth. It’s a prayer. Yes, there’s sadness and despair in her [...]


Abstract: Sailing at Sunset The dimensions are 30×24 inches. Sailing at Sunset is an oil painting inspired by a sailing trip in Southern California. An evening when the colors seemed to bleed into one another. Type: Abstract expressionism. About the Artist California-resident and Montreal-born artist Ane Howard, an abstract figurative mixed media artist, tells an emotional [...]

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