We’ve moved! laeventco.com is now theoddmarket.com

Phillip Dane


That sounds so much better.

As of this morning, our new URL is theoddmarket.com. Nothing really changes except we have a cool new url to direct traffic to and much easier to say than “go to la event co.com”

Of course if you do go to laeventco.com or have it bookmarked, it will still work perfectly. In fact those of you that have registered on our site will still log in the same way. Go ahead and give it a try.

Remember March 2nd we kick off the Eagle Rock Odd Market and I’m telling you, there’s a great buzz on the social media scene. We are looking forward to a kick ass opening. Hope you can make it. For more info visit theoddmarket.com/eaglerock

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The Voice’s Dylan Dunlap to perform Grand Opening of Eagle Rock Odd Market Monday

I am very excited to announce that my friend Dylan Dunlap will be performing at the Grand Opening this Monday March 2nd from 5:30-9:30pm Dylan was on this past Tuesday nights The Voice and although no chairs turned for him “This Time” he is destined to be a huge star. […]


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