Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel

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Spanish workshop Bel & Bel founded by artists and designers Carles Bel and Jesus Bel, have launched a new limited edition of its famous Scooter Chair: the BV-14 Vespa Scooter Chair.

Made from original parts of the iconic Italian Vespas from the 1960’s-1980’s, each handmade Vespa Scooter Chair is fully manufactured and customized by Bel & Bel, which upcycles chassis of vintage Vespa scooters in order to create an original and unique model of swivel chair. 

Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-018
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-020
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-002
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-003
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-009
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-004
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-011
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-013
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-014
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-015
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-016

Features-wise, each Vespa Scooter Chair showcases the basic modern functionalities you can expect to find in a modern reclining swivel chair: The Vespa Scooter Chair features a sturdy internal structure with a hydraulic base that enables it to be adjusted in height. To create a comfortable ergonomic chair with a contemporary edge, Bel&Bel used a tailored upholstery in real or faux leather, and soft tread silent wheels.

Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-002
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-006
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-005
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-007
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-008
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-019
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-012
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-001

Besides being a beautiful expression of contemporary design, Vespa Scooter Chairs are numbered series (which means that each unit produced is absolutely unique) and come with a certificate of authenticity delivered by the company. Last but not least: if you wish to own something really unique, you can have the Vespa Scooter Chairs’s base model customized to your taste, with a wide variety of extra features like chromed armrests or Flashing LED Warning Lights.

If you are in love with the classics, and are looking for that unique piece that is elegant and functional, look no further. The artisanal character of the Vespa Scooter Chair, mixed with the high-end components it features, make it a beautiful piece of contemporary design.

BV-14 Vespa Scooter Chair Specs

Width: 23 inches (60 cm)
Height: 46 inches (120 cm)
Depth: 27 inches (70 cm)
Approximate weight: 44 lbs (20 Kg)
Colors: Available in all colors
Price: $1,700

Custom Furniture

Bel&Bel also has a few unique custom made pieces of furniture for customers who are looking for something really special to furnish their home. Made from reclaimed vintage Spanish SEAT cars, each items is fully hand-made on demand, which makes it a unique product.

Furniture like the SOFA 600 (175 cm x 90 cm x 110 cm), integrates many details of a vintage SEAT 600, with working headlights and sidelights, as well as a trunk with a power outlet on the back to install a mini-bar or a stereo system (the sofa can be connected via a single cable directly to a 230 V wall plug).

SEAT 600 Sofa by Bel&Bel-001
SEAT 600 Sofa by Bel&Bel-002
SEAT 600 Sofa by Bel&Bel

For the SOFA 600 LOW RIDER, Bel&Bel kept the rear axe and two wheels of a vintage SEAT 600D, and adapted a hydraulic system that allows raising the sofa 1.5 meters above its base.

SOFA 600 LOW RIDER by Bel & Bel
SOFA 600 LOW RIDER by Bel & Bel-002
SOFA 600 LOW RIDER by Bel & Bel-001

Bel&Bel’s furniture somehow express part of the nostalgic story of the 60’s-70’s and are timeless piece of art and design, which get to live a second life as a stunning piece of furniture. A durable creation loaded with symbolism.

All images courtesy of Bel & Bel

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