Griffith Park is pretty much perfect the way it is—save for traffic—but the addition of a pint-sized summertime beer garden sure doesn’t hurt.

The Griffith Park Beer Garden is popping up on the patio of the golf course adjacent Roosevelt Cafe this summer. The dive-y diner will pour out flights of four 6oz local beers on Saturdays paired with a Farmer John sausage, for the slightly-steep price of $20.

In addition, the garden will feature a DJ from 4 to 8pm, as well as the eatery’s traditional comfort food fare like pancakes and pizza.

Photograph: Courtesy Griffith Park Beer Garden

To be clear, the leafy, umbrella-dotted patio already exists as part of the cafe. But the introduction of beer flights on Saturday is a welcome addition (and dubbing it the Griffith Park Beer Garden a savvy bit of marketing).

The eatery is within stumbling distance of the Greek Theatre, so expect the beer garden to be a popular spot before Saturday night shows this summer.

The Griffith Park Beer Garden kicks off the summer season a little early with a launch event this Saturday, May 13 at noon (a DJ will be spinning from 4:30 to 8:30pm). You’ll find it at 2650 North Vermont Avenue on Saturdays through October.

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