Odd Market at the Autry in Griffith Park

Phillip Dane

The Odd Market at the Autry is truly spectacular. The property is on 2 and a half acres in heart of Griffith Park. There’s a ton of parking or you could even ride your horse in, seriously. And it’s all free. No admission. Zip and Free Parking as in nada. Located directly across from the L.A. Zoo. And we’ll be offering special promos for those of you who have never been in the Autry Museum. We are even adding a cocktail lounge on the green. 

Autry Field

The Autry National Center
April 12: Sunday

10am – 3pm
Over 200 Vendors. Gourmet Food Trucks. DJ’s, Cocktail Lounge, Picnic Area and Kids Area.
Free Parking. Free Admission.




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