The ’floating noodles’ craze has finally arrived in L.A.

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We are no strangers to some kooky foods, but the newest food gimmick hitting the scene might be one of the weirdest things we’ve seen yet. “Floating noodles,” a sensation that swept social media across Asia, is finally arriving on American shores for the first time, right here in Southern California.

When an order of floating noodles arrives on your table, you have what looks like a bowl with levitating chopsticks dangling the first big bite in mid-air. Obviously, you need this for your Instagram feed to feel complete, don’t you?

Originally invented by the Hana Restaurant in Singapore, Eater L.A. reports that the showy dish has landed at Neptunes Raw Bar in Artesia. They’re offering them in three variations: garlic shrimp, deep fried soft-shell crab and chicken katsu. Typically floating noodles have popped up with soba or somen noodles, but Neptunes Raw Bar is adding their own flourish by serving their signature garlic noodles.

The savvy move by Neptunes Raw Bar to hop on the floating noodle trend is credited to Andy Nguyen, one of the restaurant’s owners, who is also an investor in two other darlings of the food social media sphere, Halal Guys and Afters Ice Cream.    

Like so much in life, the reality behind floating noodles isn’t quite as magical as it first appears. There’s actually a small hidden pole that holds up the phantom noodles. Sorry if we ruined that for you.

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