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Can't Make It To An Event...

With so many things going on we know it's not feasible that you can make it to all the events whether it's our or others so we created a "virtual" marketplace with every one of our curated vendors.

How Does It Work?

The easiest way to describe the Odd Market Place is our version of Etsy. Each Vendor is independent and you can purchase from any of them online. They actually control every aspect of their Shop. They fullifill the orders and handle all communication. We, of course, are also available if you need us.

Where is Everyone?

Now that we created the Odd Market Place, we are in the process of having each vendor setup up their store. In time, we hope there will be hundreds of local shops here on the Odd Market Place for you to purchase from.

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The Odd Market Place

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About Us

Since 1991, we have been supporting local Crafters, Artists, and Makers. Through our events, we have facilitated the sale of millions of items and helped launch countless brick and mortar stores. Now, we are broadening our reach by offering our Odd Family of Vendors the opportunity to open a Store on Odd Market. Welcome to Odd Markets Online Storefront.

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