Stations of the Sun performing live April 19 @ 8PM

We are kicking off our live music schedule beginning Friday, April 19 @ 8PM with Stations of the Sun performing.

Post-Punk, Post Surf, Indie band from Los Angeles, Ca.

Melodic and moody, a mix of surf-tinged guitar together with violin and theremin help Stations of the Sun serves up a sound uniquely their own.

Co-founders, Dayna Cussler (drums) Jennifer Pomerantz (violin, theremin) Vivian Chavez (bass) and Dallas Caley (guitar) had all previously been in various local L.A. bands when they decided to start a new project together in 2012.

They were soon joined by Heather Eagle (keyboards/synth) who found a name for the band after coming across the title of a book, “Stations of the Sun: A History of the Ritual Year in Britain.”